Best Of 2014!

Now that 2014 has come to an end we have decided to take a look back at some of our favorite hikes. We did so many great hikes that we decided to break everything down into areas and then an overall best hike of 2014. We hope everyone had as much fun outdoors as we did this past year!

Columbia River Gorge (Oregon Side): *Angels Rest* We have done this hike many times but when we hiked it in early January it was really foggy and made the views at the top even better!

Columbia River Gorge (Washington Side): *Falls Creek Falls* This waterfall is perfection! We can’t wait to go back!

Central Oregon: *Big Obsidian Flow* The amount of obsidian here is unreal and the views of Paulina Lake at the top are great.

Mt. Hood Area: *Tom Dick & Harry Mountain* Hands down one of THE BEST views in Oregon.

Portland Metro: *Hoyt Arboretum* Great place to see all the falls colors. We’ll be back this spring!

Washington: *Lacamas Lake* We love lake hikes where you stay close to the lake the whole time. And so many frogs!

Overall Best Of 2014: *Drift Creek Falls* We don’t know how this couldn’t be our best hike of 2014, and we don’t know what’s better the waterfall or the suspension bridge. Together they are absolutely perfect. We loved everything about this hike.


Honorable Mentions: *Gorton Creek Falls, Panther Creek Falls, Tamanawas Falls, and Powell Butte* Three great waterfalls and a butte with lots of trails right in the middle of SE Portland!


We would love to hear your best hikes of 2014! Any hikes you think we should do in 2015?

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