Wahclella Falls (Winter 2014)

This was our first hike of 2014.

Directions: Drive I-84 East to exit 40. Take a right at the stop sign and continue right where the road splits.

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This hike starts out on an old access road, where you’ll pass a dam used by the fish hatchery. Not too far past the dam you’ll cross a bridge that passes right in front of Munra Falls. The trail follows Tanner Creek and a short distance after the waterfall and starts to climb. The trail is pretty rocky and parts have stairs built into it.

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You’ll come to a fork in the trail, both options take you to the same place, we decided to go right. You switchback downhill and cross a bridge that takes you to a slide area. Just past the slide area you will see Wahclella Falls. Continue the loop and head back the way you came in.

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Distance: 2 miles (easy)

Elevation: 300 feet (easy)

Pet Friendly: Yes

Good For: All ages

Bathrooms: Yes

Parking Fee: NW Forest Pass

Seasons: All

Popular: Yes

Warnings: None

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