Alsea Falls (Summer 2016)

Directions: Take I-5 to exit 228. Go right and follow Highway 34 for a little over 9.5 miles where you will go left for Philomath and the Oregon Coast. In just less than a mile go right for Highway 99W South. Follow 99W South for a little over 15.5 miles and make a right onto Alpine Road. Follow this road for a little over 4 miles and go left at a junction (signed for Alsea Falls). From the junction it’s about 9 miles to Alsea Falls, make sure you go past the campground to the day use area.

Alsea Falls is right at the parking area. Take a small trail marked for Alsea Falls and pass the bridge where you will come to a staircase. Head down the stairs and you will be at the base of Alsea Falls. This waterfall is really full from late fall to spring. During the summer months it runs pretty low but allows you to see all the rocks it flows over.

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Head back up the stairs and follow the trail over the bridge, this is actually the top of Alsea Falls. After crossing the bridge you will come to a signed junction. We went left towards Green Peak Falls. The trail is fairly well maintained, some areas are a bit overgrown and there are a few spots in the trail that are eroding. You will go down some steps and the trail switches back a few times.

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There are many side trails that take you down to the river. The river is pretty and has lots of rocks so you can walk around in it. Back on the main trail you will pretty much roller coaster for a while with not too much elevation gain or loss. Soon the trail dumps you out at a campsite where you can follow a small road that takes you into the main McBee Campground. We were planning on seeing Green Peak Falls but our trail directions weren’t very good and we were meeting some people at the Scandinavian Festival nearby. So, we decided to turn around at the campground and find it next time!


Distance: 2.5 miles (easy)

Elevation: 230 Feet (easy)

Pet Friendly: Yes

Good For: All ages

Bathrooms: Yes at the parking area.

Parking Fee: $3 day-use fee.

Seasons: All but gate is closed during winter months.

Popular: Very popular swimming place during the summer months.

Warnings: None

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