Punchbowl Falls (Spring 2016)

Directions: Take I-84 East to exit 41. Go right at the stop sign and there are a number of parking areas.

From the trailhead follow the trail over a footbridge and along Eagle Creek. The trail starts to rise above the creek, but nothing too steep. The trail is rocky and well maintained. Soon you will come to the first of two cable areas. The trail here is narrow and there is a cable bolted along the cliffside to use. You will round a few corners and it will be done. But, just a short time later you will come to the second cable area. It’s the same as the first and doesn’t last long.

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Keep following the trail and pass the Metlako Falls viewpoint side trail. Keep going and pass a few spots in the trail where you need to rock-hop over some runoff areas. The last runoff area is the largest but it’s still easily passable. The trail heads uphill and flattens out where the trail is wide and more open. Here is the side trail that takes you down to Punchbowl Falls. The trail heads downhill steeply to a rocky flat area where you pass lower Punchbowl Falls. Keep walking to the end of the rocks and out into the creek a little bit to view Punchbowl Falls.

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We continued up on the main trail a bit farther to check out the storm damage that took out a bridge. It’s only about a quarter mile past Punchbowl Falls. The bridge is very damaged and technically the trail is closed here. There are signs that say it is not recommended to cross the creek around the bridge. We did see a few people cross and there is a definite trail that people have made. We would feel comfortable crossing here with low water levels but we are in no way saying people should. It’s best to check out the trail for yourself, or wait for a new bridge to be installed.  This is an out and back trail so head back the way you came in.

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We would encourage people to please pack out anything they bring in. This poor trail is covered in water bottles, straws, wrappers, dog poo bags, etc.

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Distance: 4 Miles (easy)

Elevation: 500 feet (easy)

Pet Friendly: No. We know people take dogs here all the time but the amount of news stories we’ve seen about dogs falling are insane. It’s not worth it, in our opinion.

Good For: Adults. We do not recommend taking kids here because of the cable sections in the trail.

Bathrooms: Yes at the parking area

Parking Fee: A $5 NW Forest Pass is required.

Seasons: All

Popular: Yes. Busy all year but can get extremely busy during the summer months.

Warnings: Risk of falling around the cable areas.

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