Wahkeena Falls (Autumn 2015)

Directions: Take I-84 East to exit 28. Take a left onto the Old Highway and drive for about 2.5 miles to the trailhead on your right.

This is another quick little hike but it’s great if you have any visitors, or for a nice family hike with young kids.

DSC_0028      DSC_0014

From the trailhead head up the few steps to a small viewpoint area of Wahkeena Creek. If you’re here in the fall or winter you can see Wahkeena Falls if you look way up the creek. After you have seen the creek get on the paved trail that takes you up one really long switchback and then flattens out for a short distance. That last part of this trail has a little damage but nothing that’s considered unsafe to hike on. The trail ends at a bridge that’s right in front of Wahkeena Falls.

DSC_0157      DSC_0041

The trail does continue on up 12 paved switchbacks to Lemmon’s Viewpoint. You gain a lot of elevation quickly, and add a mile to your hike. It’s a worthy add on if you or people in your group are up for it. For more information on the hike up to the viewpoint check out this post here.

Distance: .5 mile (easy)

Elevation: 400 feet (easy)

Pet Friendly: Yes

Good For: All ages

Bathrooms: Yes but they are seasonal.

Parking Fee: None

Seasons: All

Popular: Very

Warnings: None

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