Lacamas Creek Trailhead- Woodburn Falls and Camas Lily Field (Spring 2015)

Directions: Take Highway 14 east and take the Camas exit. Go straight on 6th Ave and turn right onto Adams Ave. Take a left onto 3rd Ave and drive past the Safeway. You’ll be taking a left onto a almost hidden road that drops down to Lacamas Creek where there is a parking area. If you cross Lacamas Creek on 3rd you’ve gone too far.

This is a hike full of junctions (marked and unmarked), side trails, and access roads. So this will be quite the “wordy” post, but it’s not as confusing while you’re hiking as it may seem reading it 🙂

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From the trailhead follow the trail for a little over a half mile until you reach the bridge over Lacamas Creek and Lower Falls. After crossing the bridge take a left and follow the trail uphill a short distance until it pretty much levels out and follows the creek upstream. There are a few side trails that will allow you to get a better look at the creek along this area. Soon you will come to a pool where Woodburn Creek and Lacamas Creek meet. Continue on now following Woodburn Creek and cross a small bridge. Head uphill and  you will come to a trail junction. Go straight, the trail is more steep in this section, and a short time later the trail ends at an old access road. Take a right at the access road and follow it uphill for a short distance until you come to an unmarked but obvious trail on the right. Follow this trail through the woods and eventually downhill to an unmarked intersection. Go right, downhill, and soon you will reach Woodburn Falls. Something to keep in mind is that this waterfall is seasonal and dries up June through October.


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From Woodburn Falls head back out to the access road. Go down the access road and back to the side trail that takes you back down to the junction near Woodburn Creek. Take a right here and head uphill a short distance until you come to an open area with a view of “The Potholes,” it’s a waterfall that gets it’s name from the big holes in all the rocks. Continue along the trail until you come to another junction. Take a right and pass by Round Lake. There is a trail around the lake if you’re up for a nice side trip. Continue past the lake and get on the signed Lily Trail. Head up a few switchbacks until you reach the Lily Field. There is a nice loop here which we highly recommend if you’re doing this hike while they are in bloom.

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After finishing the loop head left and you’ll come to a fork in the trail. Stay left and then take the side trail on the right marked for Woodburn Falls. Head downhill until you come to an intersection, this is the intersection from earlier by Woodburn Falls. Go right and head back to the access road. Go left and downhill a short distance until you get back to the side trail on the left that takes you downhill and to the intersection back at Woodburn Creek. Go straight and head back the way you came to your car.

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Distance: 4.5 miles (easy)

Elevation: 300 feet (easy)

Pet Friendly: Yes

Good For: All ages

Bathrooms: There is a portable bathroom at the trailhead.

Parking Fee: None

Seasons: All

Popular: Yes on nice weekends

Warnings: None

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