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Lewis River Falls (Summer 2016)

Directions: Drive I-84 East to Cascade Locks and cross the Bridge Of The Gods ($2 toll). Take a right onto Highway 14 and drive for almost 6 miles where you will take a left onto Wind River Road. Follow Wind River Road up and over Old Man Pass, a couple miles after the pass take a left onto Curly Creek Road. Follow this road until you come to the junction with FR 90. Take a right onto FR 90 and drive for about 10 miles where you will take a right into the Lower Lewis River Falls parking area.

*There is currently trail damage between the lower and middle falls, you won’t miss any waterfalls but the detour will add about a mile total to your hike.*

From the parking area take the trail near the bathroom down a short distance to Lower Lewis River Falls. The trail drops you right at a large viewing area. You can go right on the trail for another viewing area as well. To the left of the main viewing area there are stairs that take you down to the top of the waterfall.

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From the lower falls follow the trail upstream and past the staircase as the trail heads slightly uphill. You will pass a few campsites on your left and in some places hear and see FR90 but it’s not very often you see the road. On your left you will come to a few more sets of steps that take you down to river level. Back on the main trail a short distance later you will come to the detour in the trail. It takes you up to the trailhead for Middle Falls and back down past the slide area. Along here you take a bridge over Copper Creek Falls and down to Middle Lewis River Falls. Take the side trail down to a viewpoint. You can go even farther down the side trail to the river where in low water you can get out on rocks for a great view of Middle Falls.

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Back on the main trail continue a short distance to Upper Lewis River Falls. When you start to see the waterfall continue on the trail around a corner and uphill slightly where you will come to an unmarked trail off to your right that takes you down to the base of the waterfall. This is the best viewpoint of Upper Lewis River Falls, it’s absolutely amazing at river level! You can continue up the main trail to another viewing area but it’s mostly of the top area. There are large rocks and logs down at the river area that make good spots to have lunch or relax and soak up the waterfall.

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This is an out and back hike so head back out the way you came in.

Distance: 6 miles (moderate)

Elevation: 320 feet (easy)

Pet Friendly: Yes

Good For: All ages

Bathrooms: Yes at the parking areas.

Parking Fee: Yes a $5 NW Forest Pass is required.

Seasons: All

Popular: Very popular during the summer months, especially on the weekends.

Warnings: None