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Frozen Gorge (2019)

The Columbia River Gorge recently got quite a dose of winter with most places seeing at least a half foot of snow and below freezing temperatures. That means all the waterfalls get frosty and look extra beautiful. We took a drive and stopped at a few of our favorite places!

Multnomah Falls…



Latourell Falls and the Vista House…


We hope everyone got a chance to get out and enjoy the brief snowstorm! Winter has finally arrived ❄️

Latourell Falls (Summer 2018)

Directions: Take I-84 East to Exit 28 (Bridal Veil). Get onto the Old Highway heading right for about 2.5 miles until you reach the Latourell Falls parking area.

From the parking lot head uphill on the steep paved path that takes you to a viewpoint of lower Latourell Falls. From here head left on the now dirt trail that heads uphill fairly steeply, you’ll soon come to a bench and another view of the waterfall off to your right. Continuing on you will switchback to the top of the waterfall and the trail levels out a bit for a bit.


As you continue hiking, the trail stays mostly uphill and you will cross four footbridges before coming to Upper Latourell Falls.


After crossing the bridge at the base of the waterfall you will now be heading back and the trail is more evenly graded. You can actually see the trail you came in on across the creek. The trail soon switches back downhill a few times and you continue on following the creek. Next you will come to a junction where you will go left uphill and come to another bench and a viewpoint out to the Gorge.

From here the trail heads steadily downhill until you reach the Old Highway. Carefully cross the road and enter into the park. Follow the paved path under the highway bridge and a short distance later you will reach Lower Latourell Falls. Continue up the paved path to the parking area.



Distance: 2.25 (easy)

Elevation: 525 feet (moderate)

Pet Friendly: Yes

Good For: All ages

Bathrooms: Yes

Parking Fee: None

Seasons: All

Popular: Yes

Warnings: None

Latourell Falls Loop (Winter)

Directions: Take I-84 East to Exit 28 (Bridal Veil). Get onto the Old Highway heading right for about 2.5 miles until you reach the Latourell Falls parking area.

This trail is open year round and can become icy during the winter months. We ran into a few spots that were slick and some spots that we were almost not able to pass. The weather was above freezing but back in the woods it gets colder and is shadier, so places don’t thaw as quickly.

Beginning at the parking area head up the paved path  that takes you to a viewpoint. From here take a left where the trail is now dirt and continue up (sometimes steeply) where you will pass a bench and another good area to view the falls. This is where we ran into our first slick area. There are a few places where runoff goes across the trail and it was icy and pretty slick. We had hiking poles which helped but it was still a interesting 5 feet or so. Keep hiking uphill next to the creek and crossing four footbridges. Soon you will flatten out a bit and round a corner where the trail starts to head downhill to Upper Latourell Falls. This is a two tier waterfall that looks like a combination of Bridal Veil and Ponytail Falls. It’s quite pretty.

DSC_0022      upper

We had quite the time heading down the trail to the bridge below the waterfall. It was VERY icy. Most people were turning back and not even attempting to cross the ice. We saw a few people sit down and slide the corner to the bridge. We ended up doing that and it was a very wet and cold experience. It’s not a good option for kids or older folks. It was very out of control and we could’ve easily slid right off the trail into the creek.

After crossing the bridge at the base of the falls the trail is pretty flat for a while and eventually switchbacks downhill passing a tree that is split up the middle. Soon you’ll come to a split in the trail, go left/uphill for a bit until the trail eventually drops down again. Continue hiking down until you reach the old highway. Cross the highway and take a few stone steps down into Guy Talbot Park. Follow the paved path through the park and under the highway bridge. This trail takes you to the base of Latourell Falls. From here it’s a short paved path back up to the parking area.

DSC_0010      DSC_0015

DSC_0073      DSC_0070

When you’re down in Guy Talbot Park it’s worth a little side trip to check out the old Latourell House. Head down through the park until you reach a small neighborhood. The house is on the corner of Latourell St. and Falls St.



Distance: 2.25 miles

Elevation: 520 feet

Difficulty: Moderate

Pet Friendly: Yes

Good For: All ages (unless there is ice on the trail)

Bathrooms: Yes

Parking Fee: No

Seasons: All

Popular: Yes

Overall: Great Gorge hike that lets you get many different views of Latourell Falls.