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Starvation Creek State Park Waterfall Hike (Spring)

Directions: This hike is located right off I-84 at the Starvation Creek State Park exit (#55)

We did this quick hike on a busy weekend and it was nice to see all of the improvements they have made to the area.

From the parking area go left past the bathrooms and round the corner to see Starvation Creek Falls. Once you are done here head back to the parking area and get on the trail that follows along I-84. They have done a lot of improvements in this area and it’s all paved now.


The first waterfall you’ll see on this section of the trail is Cabin Creek Falls. It’s hidden back behind giant basalt boulders, you can walk back in to get a good look at it. Continue on and they have put in a new elevated walkway/bridge type thing as you start to pull away from the freeway a bit. You’ll come to a split, go left and you’ll reach Hole In The Wall Falls. Its name is very literal, as it comes straight out of a manmade hole way up at the top of the cliffside.


We stopped here for the day but you can continue on steeply uphill and reach a junction, stay right and you’ll soon come to Lancaster Falls. We posted about Lancaster Falls here.


Head back out the way you came in.


Distance: 1.5 miles (to Hole In The Wall Falls, 2.5 miles (to Lancaster Falls)

Elevation: 300 feet

Difficulty: Easy to moderate

Pet Friendly: Yes

Good For: All ages

Bathrooms: Yes

Parking Fee: None

Seasons: All

Popular: On nice weekends

Overall: Easy trail where you get to see a lot of waterfalls but the noise from I-84 is very loud.

Starvation Creek State Park Waterfall Hike (Autumn)

This hike is located right off I-84 at the Starvation Creek State Park exit (#55)

You will be seeing four waterfalls on this hike: Starvation Creek Falls, Cabin Creek Falls, Hole in The Wall Falls, and Lancaster Falls.

The first waterfall is Starvation Creek Falls. It’s located right at the parking area, just take the paved path a short distance where you’ll come to Starvation Creek and just around the corner is the falls.

DSC_0072      DSC_0067

Head back down to the parking area and take the trail that’s  follows right along I-84. There is only an old rusty fence separating the trail from the highway. This makes for a very noisy and distracting start to a hike. Soon you’ll head into the trees and the noise will die down a bit. The second waterfall you’ll come to will be Cabin Creek Falls. From the trail it is mostly hidden behind a basalt boulder, but definitely take the time to walk in a few feet where you’re able to see the whole waterfall. It’s very pretty back in it’s hidden area and there is a cave up behind it.

DSC_0001               DSC_0100

DSC_0025               DSC_0047


Keep going on the trail and you’ll head back towards I-84 briefly and then back into the woods. After rounding a corner you’ll see a footbridge where Hole In The Wall Falls is located. This is formerly Warren Falls, back in the 30’s highway workers drilled a hole in the rock and diverted Warren Creek through it. Warren Creek is now dried up and it became Hole In The Wall Falls.

DSC_0066   DSC_0060

Continuing on, cross over the bridge and head up the trail that suddenly becomes a lot more steep. This only lasts a short distance and you’ll come to a junction with the Starvation Ridge Trail. Stay right and the trail soon reaches Lancaster Falls. The lower tier is most visible but you can see the upper tiers through the trees from the right angle. This is an out and back hike so turn around and head back the way you came in.

Distance: 2.5 miles

Elevation: 200 feet

Difficulty: Moderate

Pet Friendly: Yes

Good For: Most ages- the trail is a bit steep heading up to Lancaster Falls

Bathrooms: Yes

Parking Fee: No

Seasons: All

Popular: Yes

Overall: Great hike for waterfall lovers!