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Best Of 2016

We did a lot of great hikes in 2016, here are some of our favorites and our overall top hike of the year.

  • Willamette Valley:

Henline Falls– This is a short hike but it takes you to an amazing waterfall. Catch it at the right time of day and you might just see a rainbow at the base as well!

  • Columbia River Gorge:

Columbia Hills State Park– Great area to see wildflowers with amazing views of the Gorge.

  • Washington:

Lewis River Falls– So many pretty waterfalls in such a short distance. Definitely a must see.

  • Coast:

The Thumb– This was probably the most unique hike we did this year.

  • Central Oregon:

Smith Rock (Misery Ridge)– The views are amazing at the top and you get a very up close view of Monkey Face!

  • Mt. Hood:

Wind Lake– You get to ride a chairlift up to the top of Ski Bowl and then hike to a somewhat hidden lake. And the whole time you have great views of Mt. Hood and Government Camp. 

  • Portland:

Powell Butte- This is a great hike in the city. On a clear day you can see Mt. Hood, Mt. St Helens, and Mt. Hood.

  • Southern Oregon:

Plaikni Falls– This hike was inside Crater Lake National Park, it’s very pretty, especially in autumn with all the beautiful colors.

  • Kayak:

Disappearing Lake– This was such a treat! It’s a lake that’s only around for about a month out of the whole year.

Overall Best of 2016:

Bald Mountain– The hike up bald mountain is beautiful and lined with beargrass. Once at the top you round a corner and come to one of the best views of Mt. Hood we’ve ever seen. Do this hike!

What were some of your favorite hikes in 2016? Any you’re looking forward to doing in 2017?


Columbia Hills State Park (Spring 2016)

Directions: Drive I-84 East and take The Dalles exit #87. Cross the Columbia River Bridge and follow the road for about 2.5 miles. Take a right onto Highway 14 and a short distance later take a left onto Dalles Mountain Road. This road is gravel and you will follow it for almost 3.5 miles where you will round a corner and quickly come to a fork in the road. It’s marked with an old wagon and other old farm equipment. Stay left at the fork and continue on the road until you come to a gate and the parking area. The road is gravel but it’s in pretty good condition, there are some potholes but we saw all types of cars making it just fine.

It’s officially wildflower season!

Your trail on this hike is a gravel service road. The road climbs up Stacker Butte through fields of balsamroot, lupine, and other wildflowers. You have excellent views of Mt. Hood, the Columbia River and The Dalles on the way up. As the trail climbs the views just get better and better.

DSC_0206      DSC_0074

After about a mile and a half you will start to see some of the FAA equipment in the distance. At about the two and a half mile mark the hike ends at the top of Stacker Butte. You have a great view of Mt. Adams and rows of wind turbines off in the distance.

DSC_0110      DSC_0111

DSC_0064      DSC_0123

This hike is moderately steep on a well maintained gravel road. We got here fairly early and avoided most of the crowds. It’s not as popular as Rowena Crest but it still gets fairly busy during wildflower season, especially on the weekends. Make sure to watch for ticks and rattle snakes! This is an out and back hike.

DSC_0066      DSC_0173

Distance: 5 miles (easy)

Elevation: 1,450 feet (moderate)

Pet Friendly: Dogs are NOT allowed.

Good For: This hike gets pretty steep, it may not be best for young kids and older folks.

Bathrooms: None

Parking Fee: $10 Washington Discover Pass, you must purchase this before you get to the trailhead (at Fred Meyer, etc.).

Seasons: All but best in spring.

Popular: Yes during wildflower season

Warnings: Ticks