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This page is to help you find a hike, snowshoe, or kayak in Oregon or Washington by a specific area.

*Trail and road conditions change season to season, year to year- please check with the nearest ranger station for conditions before you head to your destination.*

**There have been a lot of devastating wildfires all over Oregon this summer. Please call ahead before hiking in any of the areas impacted by fires**

Portland Metro Area & Surrounding Cities:

Beaver Falls (Winter 2016)

Browns Ferry Park (Winter 2017)

Butler Creek Greenway Trail (Winter 2014)

Camassia Natural Area (Spring 2019)

Collin’s Beach UFO Boat- Sauvie Island (Autumn 2014)

Columbia River Slough (Airport Way Launch Site)- Kayak (Spring 2015)

Crystal Springs Rhododendron Garden (Winter 2017)

Fernhill Wetlands (Winter 2018)

Gresham Butte Bus (Autumn 2014)

Hoyt Arboretum (Autumn 2014)

Hoyt Arboretum (Spring 2018)

Jackson Bottom Wetlands (Spring 2017)

Mary S. Young State Park (Spring 2016)

Mt. Tabor (Winter 2014)

Mt. Tabor (Winter 2018)

Mt. Tabor (Spring 2017)

Mt. Tabor- Blue Trail (Summer 2018)

Mt. Talbert (Autumn 2014)

Mt. Talbert (Autumn 2018)

Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge (Winter 2015)

Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge (Autumn 2018)

Oak Island (Spring 2015)

Pittock Mansion (Spring 2013)

Pittock Mansion (Autumn 2018)

Powell Butte (Autumn 2014)

Powell Butte (Winter 2016)

Powell Butte (Summer 2017)

Powell Butte (Summer 2018)

Salish Ponds (Winter 2018)

Salish Ponds (Autumn 2013)

Scappoose Bay- Kayak (Spring 2015)

Smith & Bybee Wetlands (Summer 2016)

Springwater Trail & Johnson Creek Floodplain (Spring 2013)

Sturgeon Lake- Kayak (Summer 2015)

Tryon Creek State Park (Spring 2015)

Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge (Autumn 2014)

Tualatin River National Wildlife Refuge (Winter 2017)

Wapato Greenway (Winter 2016)

Warrior Rock Lighthouse (Spring 2013)

Warrior Rock Lighthouse (Winter 2018)


Columbia River Gorge (Oregon Side):

*Eagle Creek Wildfire (2017)*

Angels Rest (Winter 2014)

Angels Rest (Autumn 2018)

Bridal Veil Falls (Summer 2015)

Bridal Veil Falls (Winter 2017)

Bridal Veil Falls (Spring 2018)

Cascade Locks Loop (Autumn 2014)

Dry Creek Falls (Summer 2013)

Dry Creek Falls (Winter 2015)

Dry Creek Falls (Autumn 2016)

Dry Creek Falls (Summer 2018)

Dry Creek Falls (Spring 2019)

Eagle Creek Trail To Punchbowl Falls (Spring 2016)

Eagle Creek Trail To High Bridge (Spring 2014)

Eagle Creek Trail To Tunnel Falls (Summer 2015)

Elowah Falls & Upper McCord Creek Falls (Summer 2013)

Elowah Falls & Upper McCord Creek Falls (Autumn 2016)

Fairy Falls (Autumn 2015)

Fairy Falls (Summer 2017)

Fairy Falls (Winter 2018)

Fairy Falls (Spring 2019)

Government Cove Peninsual (Winter 2014)

Government Cove Peninsula (Spring 2017)

Government Cove Peninsula- Kayak (Spring 2019)

Government Cove Peninsula (Spring 2019)

Gorton Creek Falls & Emerald Falls (Autumn 2014)

Herman Creek Pinnacles (Summer 2014)

Horsetail Falls (Autumn 2018)

Larch Mountain to Multnomah Falls (Spring 2016)

Larch Mountain Road- Snowshoe (Winter 2019)

Latourell Falls Loop (Winter 2015)

Latourell Falls Loop (Summer 2015)

Latourell Falls Loop (Spring 2017)

Latourell Falls Loop (Summer 2018)

Latourell Falls Loop (Summer 2019)

Lower Ruckel Creek Falls (Spring 2017)

Memaloose Hills (Spring 2017)

Memaloose Hills (Autumn 2017)

Memaloose Hills (Spring 2018)

Memaloose Hills (Spring 2019)

Mist Falls (Summer 2014)

Mosier Creek Falls (Winter 2015)

Mosier Plateau (Spring 2018)

Mosier Plateau (Spring 2019)

Multnomah Falls- Post Fire (2018)

Oneonta Gorge (Summer 2014)

Oxbow Park (Summer 2016)

Ponytail Falls (Spring 2015)

Ponytail Falls (Summer 2017)

Ponytail Falls (Autumn 2018)

Rooster Rock Loop (Winter 2013)

Rooster Rock Loop (Autumn 2015)

Rowena Plateau (Winter 2015)

Sandy River Delta (Autumn 2013)

Sandy River Delta (Winter 2017)

Shepperd’s Dell Falls (Summer 2015)

Starvation Falls State Park Waterfall Hike (Autumn 2014)

Starvation Falls State Park Waterfall Hike (Spring 2017)

Tom McCall Nature Preserve & Rowena Plateau (Spring 2015)

Tom McCall Nature Preserve & Rowena Plateau (Spring 2018)

Tooth Rock (Autumn 2016)

Triple Falls (Summer 2013)

Triple Falls (Winter 2016)

Wahkeena Falls (Autumn 2015)

Wahkeena Falls (Winter 2018)

Wahkeena Falls (Summer 2019)

Wahclella Falls (Winter 2014)

Wahclella Falls (Spring 2015)

Wahclella Falls (Autumn 2016)


Columbia River Gorge (Washington Side):

Beacon Rock (Summer 2014)

Beacon Rock (Winter 2015)

Beacon Rock (Spring 2017)

Beacon Rock (Summer (2018)

Catherine Creek (Spring 2016)

Columbia Hills State Park (Spring 2016)

Dog Creek Falls (Spring 2017)

Falls Creek Falls (Summer 2014)

Falls Creek Falls (Autumn 2016)

Falls Creek Falls (Summer 2018)

Gillette Lake (Spring 2014)

Gillette Lake (Winter 2015)

Gillette Lake (Autumn 2018)

Klickitat Trail- Lyle Trailhead (Autumn 2015)

Klickitat Trail- Fisher Hill Bridge Trailhead (Winter 2016)

Little Beacon Rock (Summer 2014)

Little Beacon Rock (Winter 2016)

Panther Creek Falls (Summer 2014)

Pool Of The Winds (Summer 2014)

Pool Of The Winds (Winter 2016)

Steigerwald National Wildlife Refuge (Summer 2016)

Steigerwald National Wildlife Refuge (Autumn 2017)

Steigerwald National Wildlife Refuge (Spring 2017)

Steigerwald National Wildlife Refuge (Summer 2018)

Stone House (Winter 2016)

Strawberry Island (Winter 2015)

Strawberry Island (Spring 2018)


Mt. Hood & Surrounding Towns:

Bald Mountain (Summer 2016)

Bald Mountain (Summer 2018)

Bald Mountain (Summer 2019)

Barlow Pass- Snowshoe (2018)

Enid Lake- Snowshoe (Winter 2016)

Enid Lake (Autumn 2018)

Frog Lake- Snowshoe (2017)

Frog Lake- Snowshoe (2019)

Headwaters Trail (Spring 2019)

Laurel Hill (Autumn 2017)

Little Crater Lake To Timothy Lake (Summer 2015)

Little Crater Lake To Timothy Lake (Summer 2018)

Little Zigzag Falls (Winter 2015)

Little Zigzag Falls (Autumn 2017)

Little Zigzag Falls- Snowshoe (2017)

Little Zigzag Falls (Autumn 2018)

Lost Lake (Spring 2015)

Lost Lake- Kayak (Spring 2015)

Lower Twin Lake (Summer 2015)

Lower Twin Lake- Snowshoe (2018)

Mirror Lake (Summer 2014)

Mirror Lake (Winter 2015)

Mirror Lake- Snowshoe (Winter 2019)

Old Salmon River Trail (Autumn 2014)

Old Salmon River Trail (Spring 2017)

Old Salmon River Trail (Summer 2018)

Old Salmon River Trail (Winter 2018)

Owl Point (Summer 2017)

Owl Point (Summer 2019)

Ramona Falls (Summer 2013)

Ramona Falls (Spring 2016)

Summit Trail to Ski Bowl East- Snowshoe (2018)

Tamanawas Falls (Summer 2014)

Tamanawas Falls (Autumn 2015)

Tamanawas Falls (Spring 2019)

Timothy Lake- West Side (Summer 2017)

Tom Dick & Harry Mountain (Summer 2014)

Trillium Lake (Autumn 2015)

Trillium Lake (Summer 2018)

Trillium Lake- Snowshoe (Winter 2016)

Umbrella Falls (Summer 2015)

Umbrella Falls (Summer 2018)

Umbrella Falls (Summer 2019)

Wahtum Lake & Chinidere Mountain (Summer 2013)

Wahtum Lake & Chinidere Mountain (Summer 2018)

White River West- Snowshoe (2017)

White River West- Snowshoe (2018)

White River West- Snowshoe (2019)

Wildwood Recreation Area (Autumn 2016)

Wind Lake (Summer 2016)

Yocum Falls (Autumn 2018)

Zigzag Canyon Overlook (Summer 2015)

Zigzag Canyon Overlook (Summer 2018)


Willamette Valley:

Abiqua Falls (Spring 2015)

Alsea Falls (Summer 2016)

Ankeny Wildlife Refuge- Rail Trail (Summer 2016)

Baskett Slough Wildlife Refuge (Spring 2019)

Butte Creek Falls (Spring 2015)

Downing Creek Falls (Autumn 2017)

Henline Falls (Autumn 2018)

Henline Falls (Spring 2016)

McDowell Creek Falls County Park (Summer 2016)

Opal Creek/Jawbone Flats (Summer 2013)

Opal Creek/Jawbone Flats (Spring 2016)

Opal Creek/Jawbone Flats (Autumn 2018)

Shellburg Falls (Winter 2016)

Silver Falls State Park- Trail Of 10 Waterfalls (Spring 2014)

Silver Falls State Park- Trail Of 10 Waterfalls (Autumn 2015)

Silver Falls State Park- Trail of 10 Waterfalls (Winter 2017)

William L. Finley Wildlife Refuge (Winter 2017)


Clackamas County:

Clackamas River Trail (Summer 2013)

Clackamas Riverside Trail (Autumn 2015)

Clackamas River Trail To Pup Creek Falls (Autumn 2014)

Estacada Lake- Kayak (Spring 2016)

Milo McIver State Park (Autumn 2013)

Molalla River State Park (Summer 2015)


North Central Oregon:

Cottonwood Canyon State Park- Pinnacles Trail (Spring 2017)

Deschutes River Trail (Spring 2019)

Central Oregon:

Benham Falls (Summer 2019)

Big Obsidian Flow (Summer 2014)

Big Obsidian Flow (Summer 2019)

Blue Pool at Tamolitch Falls (Summer 2013)

Clear Lake (Summer 2013)

Dee Wright Observatory (Summer 2016)

Painted Hills (Spring 2016)

Paulina Falls (Summer 2014)

Paulina Falls (Summer 2019)

Sahalie & Koosah Falls (Summer 2013)

Scott Lake To Benson Lake (Summer 2016)

Smith Rock- River Trail (Spring 2015)

Smith Rock- Misery Ridge (Spring 2016)

Steelhead Falls (Spring 2016)

Suttle Lake (Summer 2014)

Swampy Lakes Sno-Park (Snowshoe 2017)

Tumalo Falls (Snowshoe 2017)

White River Falls (Summer 2014)


Oregon & Washington Coast:

Banks-Vernonia Trail- Buxton Trestle (Spring 2016)

Bayocean Spit (Winter 2015)

Bridge Creek Falls (Winter 2018)

Cape Disappointment (Summer 2015)

Cape Falcon (Summer 2017)

Cape Kiwanda (Summer 2017)

Cap Meares Lighthouse (Winter 2015)

Cape Meares Lake- Kayak (Winter 2015)

Drift Creek Falls (Autumn 2014)

Drift Creek Falls (Spring 2018)

Hug Point Waterfall (Winter 2016)

Munson Creek Falls (Autumn 2015)

North Head Lighthouse (Summer 2015)

Pheasant & Niagara Falls (Autumn 2017)

Pheasant & Niagara Falls (Spring 2018)

The Thumb (Summer 2016)

Three Rocks Beach- Kayak (Summer 2018)

University Falls (Spring 2016)

University Falls (Summer 2017)

University Falls (Spring 2018)

Wilson River Trail- Jones Creek Trailhead to Wilson Falls (Winter 2018)

Yaquina Head (Winter 2016)

Youngs River Falls (Summer 2015)


Eastern Oregon:

Iwetemlaykin State Heritage Site (Summer 2017)

Mt. Howard- Tramway & Hike (Summer 2017)

Wallowa Lake- Kayak (Summer 2017)

Zumwalt Prairie- Pattie’s Trail (Summer 2017)


Southern Oregon:

Crack In The Ground (Autumn 2016)

Crater Lake (Autumn 2016)

Plaikni Falls (Autumn 2016)

The Pinnacles (Autumn 2016)

Toketee Falls (Autumn 2016)

Watson Falls (Autumn 2016)



Ape Caves (Summer 2016)

Bachelor Slough- Kayak (Spring 2015)

Coldwater Lake (Summer 2019)

Conboy Lake National Wildlife Refuge (Summer 2017)

Curly Creek Falls & Miller Falls (Summer 2016)

Disappearing Lake- Kayak (2016)

Disappearing Lake- Kayak (2017)

Disappearing Lake (Summer 2016)

Ellen Davis Trail (Winter 2014)

Junction Lake (Summer 2015)

June Lake (Summer 2016)

Lacamas Creek- Woodburn Falls & Camas Lily Field (Spring 2015)

Lacamas Lake (Summer 2014)

Lacamas Lake (Winter 2016)

Lava Canyon Loop (Summer 2016)

Lewis River Falls (Spring 2017)

Lewis River Falls (Summer 2016)

Lucia Falls (Winter 2015)

Moulton Falls & Yacolt Falls (Winter 2016)

Moulton Falls & Bridge (Winter 2019)

Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge (Autumn 2018)

Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge- Carty Lake Hike (Spring 2018)

Swale Canyon- Harms Road Trailhead (Winter 2019)

Three Corner Rock (Spring 2018)

Trail Of Two Forests (Summer 2016)

Yacolt Falls (Winter 2019)



Clackamas County Lavender Festival (2017)

Swan Island Dahlia Festival (2015)

Swan Island Dahlia Festival (2017)

Swan Island Dahlia Festival (2018)

Swan Island Dahlia Festival (2019)

Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival (2015)

Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival (2016)

Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival (2017)

Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival (2018)

Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival (2019)



Post Fire Update

Best of 2014

Best Of 2015

Best Of 2016

Fall Hikes

Winter Hikes

Spring Hikes

Summer Hikes

Frozen Gorge Waterfalls (2013)

Frozen Gorge Waterfalls (2015)

Frozen Gorge Waterfalls (2017)

Frozen Gorge (2019)

Kiyokawa Family Orchard (Apple Picking)

Kiyokawa Family Orchard (2018)

Nestucca Bay National Wildlife Refuge- Tundra Bean Goose Sighting (2014)

Oregon’s 7 Wonders

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