Hikelandia is an online record of the hiking, snowshoeing, and kayaking adventures we go on throughout the year. We also like to throw in some local festivals and other outdoor events we attend as well. We hope you enjoy our blog and if you have any questions or want to recommend a hike for us drop us an email at b@hikelandia.com, or leave us a comment.

We are a married couple in our early thirties. The male half of this couple is a yogi, punk rock music enthusiast, and star gazer. The female half is a green thumb, bookworm, and animal lover. We both share a love of bird watching, flowers, our two crazy dogs, and of course the great Pacific Northwest!

We hope to share our personal views of all the amazing outdoor activities that Oregon and Washington has to offer, with a little useful information and humor thrown in.

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  1. Denise Salmon

    Hello! I saw a bumper sticker for this site & so glad I checked it out. The pictures are great and so is the information. I’m a new hiker and old lady who loved the outdoors as a child. Poor health, bad knees, & sedentary job most of my life. Health much improved, knees stronger; job still taking up too much of my time and energy but that too shall pass. Found out last fall that I can walk! I can keep up, and not be in pain! and had a blast tromping around out at Wildwood. Such joy!
    Since than I’ve have been doing little urban hikes at Metro parks, Mt Talbert, Powell & Jenn Butte, etc. Went out to Salmon River once, and back out to Wildwood.
    My biggest concern is that I like to hike alone. Prefer it. If I stick to fairly popular day hikes, stay on the trail, don’t do anything stupid, have a first aid kit, a whistle and a phone (if there’s a signal) it doesn’t seem to risky. Do you folks have any thoughts on that?
    I am going to read all your archives and try some of these hikes this year! Thank you both for sharing the experiences you’ve had. We do live in the MOST beautiful place.
    Hey, where can I get one of your bumper stickers? I don’t have any on my car now – this is one I could happily endorse!

    1. Hikelandia Post author

      Hello Denise!

      We do live in the most beautiful place!
      I don’t think there is anything wrong with hiking alone, it can be very peaceful. It sounds like you’re being very smart and safe about it as well!

      We love Mt. Talbert and Powell Butte as well, and hike there often. Have you tried Mt. Tabor? It’s beautiful and great for hiking alone 🙂

      We would love to send you a bumper sticker. Just email me your address and i’ll mail one to you! The email address is b@hikelandia.com

      Thanks for stopping by our blog and for all the great feedback. Enjoy hiking this summer!


    2. oarboar

      Hello Denise,

      I think I worked with you this summer. If you loaned me your “Creaky Knees” guide, then you’re the one.

      I’m enjoying this blog and bookmarked it. I’m sure the authors are taking each region in turn and will eventually set their sights on the Oregon Coast. Personally, I’m lying in bed here after getting my hip replaced ten days ago and I have hiking Tillamook Head on next year’s bucket list.


      1. Hikelandia Post author

        Hey Tim

        We do have a few coastal hikes planned, it’s one area we haven’t done much hiking and we’re excited to check some off our list!

        Hope you’re doing well post-surgery!


  2. Haley

    Love the site and all the info and pictures (except for the dang snake at the top of every page that gets me every time 😉 We moved here from the midwest about 2 months ago and are already huge hiking enthusiasts (didn’t have a lot of hiking opportunities in Missouri!) with our 3 year old… I’m usually very spontaneous but with a kiddo I have to check everything before we head out so your site has been very helpful! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Hikelandia Post author

      Hey 🙂

      Glad you’re enjoying the blog and Oregon! Thanks for leaving such a nice comment and happy hiking!


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