Collin’s Beach UFO Boat- Sauvie Island (Autumn 2014)

We kept hearing about this mysterious UFO boat that sits on Sauvie Island and finally decided to go check it out. It’s really close to the Warrior Rock Trailhead and made for a fun addition to the easy 7 mile hike. We also got to see Warrior Rock in a different season, the hike is much prettier in fall! To read about Warrior Rock Lighthouse and get directions, our previous post is here.

Collins Beach is on the gravel road right before the Warrior Rock Lighthouse trailhead. There are 6 entrances to the beach and you will need to park at entrance three. Take the short trail to the beach and turn right walking on the beach for about 200 feet. The boat is now covered in graffiti and not hard to miss.


I did some digging around and found some more information about the UFO boat. Turns out it was made by a local man back in the 70’s for his family. Here is a Youtube video of a local reporter interviewing the daughter.



If you want to continue on to the lighthouse you can head back to your car and drive the short distance to the trailhead. Or, just turn around and start the hike from Collins Beach (which would only add a half mile or so.)


There is a $7 parking fee for all of Sauvie Island. There are two or three little stores that sell them along the way to the trailhead. Also, Collins Beach is a nude beach, we did this hike on a late October weekend and only saw a few nude people. So, if nudity bothers you, this may not be the best outing for you or your family.

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