Warrior Rock Lighthouse (Spring 2013)

Directions: Take Highway 30 West to Sauvie Island. After crossing the bridge onto the island you should make a quick stop into the convenience store to buy a parking pass. It’s required, and you don’t want to make the 13 mile trip to the trailhead only to turn around for a permit. Continue West on Sauvie Island Road for about two miles and then take a right onto Reeder Road. Follow Reeder Road for 12 miles until you reach the trailhead.

Getting on to the trail is a bit confusing. You’ll ask yourself, “Do I walk through the gate onto someone’s property where cows are roaming free, or do I walk on the beach along the river?” We chose to walk along the beach. Which went well and was almost pleasant for the first .5 mile or so, until the beach disappears under the Columbia River, out of nowhere, and you’re forced up the bank to walk through bushed and find the trail.

DSC_0078      DSC_0010

DSC_0027      DSC_0071

The actual trail is basically a flat ATV trail lined with 7-foot tall grass and trees. Views of the river are few and far between. However, there are plenty of mosquitos and nettles (seriously like 60% of the plants in some places). After about three miles you enter into a weird marshy, meadow thing, that dumps you back out onto the beach by the lighthouse. There are options to eat lunch on the sand or on grassy, rocky areas. The view here isn’t half bad, but doesn’t entirely make up for the walk there.



*Update* We revisited this hike and found it a lot more pleasant. Check out our new post here.

Distance: 7 miles (moderate)

Elevation: Minimal (easy)

Pet Friendly: Yes

Good For: All ages

Bathrooms: Yes a portable toilet

Parking Fee: $7 Sauvie Island fee

Seasons: All

Popular: No

Warnings: None

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