Suttle Lake (Summer)

Suttle Lake is about 15 Miles West of Sisters, Oregon. There are many areas where you can start this hike, we started in a parking lot near the lodge, heading toward the West-end of the lake.

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This hike is short with very little elevation gain, making it easy for almost everyone. The trail loops around the lake passing closely to campsites in some areas. The West-end of the lake is open to motorized boats and can be a little noisy, while the East-end of the lake is mostly filled with kayaks and canoes and tends to be a bit quieter.

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Back in 2003 the forest around the lake was burned in the B&B Complex fire and you can still see many burned trees near the lake and bigger patches in the distance.

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You have nice views of Mt. Washington and Black Butte as well as plenty of opportunity to see different wildlife. The trail is open to bikes as well, so be aware, some of the bikers are fast and leave little time to jump out of the way.



Distance: 3 miles

Elevation: 40 feet

Difficulty: Easy

Pet Friendly: Yes

Good For: All ages

Bathrooms: Yes

Parking Fee: Some parking areas have a $5 fee and some don’t.

Seasons: Spring through fall

Popular: Yes

Overall: The lake is beautiful and the trail is really nice.

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