Springwater Trail and Johnson Creek Floodplain (Spring 2013)

Directions: Take 205 to the Foster Road exit and go left onto Foster towards 122nd Avenue. Head downhill on 122nd until you reach the Springwater Trail. There is street parking near the trail. You can also do this in reverse and park at the Floodplain on 108th and Foster. It has a big parking area.

This little walk is good for those evenings when you have some free time after work. There is a decent sized parking lot at the Floodplain, at about 107th and Foster, but we chose to start at 122nd and Ramona on the Springwater Trail. All the paths are paved, with one exception, and very accessible to anyone who wants to use them.

DSC_0003      DSC_0005

From 122nd there are some marshy areas where you can see ducks and Red Winged Blackbirds. When you cross 111th you’ll see an entrance to Beggars Tick Wildlife Refuge. This area is the one exception, as the paths are not paved. Not sure what it was, but the Mrs. brushed up against something in here that left her with a couple hives on her face. You should also be on the lookout for “camp sites”.

Beyond Beggars Tick the Springwater Trail continues straight towards the Floodplain, and crosses Foster at a signal. You’ll see the Floodplain to your left. You cross a footbridge and continue on a paved path for about .25 mile. There are lots of Killdeer, Geese and Morning Doves, with views of Johnson Creek.

DSC_0024  DSC_0029


Distance: 2.5 miles (easy)

Elevation: Minimal (easy)

Pet Friendly: The trail is pet friendly but dogs are not allowed in the floodplain.

Good For: All ages

Bathrooms: No

Parking Fee: None

Seasons: All

Popular: No

Overall: None

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