Three Rocks Beach- Kayak (Summer 2018)

Directions: The boat ramp is at Knights Park near Lincoln City.

This is a nice paddle to a secluded beach only accessible by kayak or boat.

Once you’re in the water head right on the Salmon River and head for the ocean. The water is brackish (mix of salt and fresh water) and changes depth with the tide. We were here during both tides and as long as you are mindful of where you are paddling you will be just fine.


You will be paddling with a beach to your left and some houses and Cascade Head off to your right. The water is fairly clear and we saw quite a few crabs as well as sand dollars and lots of shells at the bottom. There are a ton of seagulls floating in the water and flying all around you, as well as cormorants. Just less than a mile from the boat ramp you’ll start to notice it gets a little harder to paddle as you round a corner and come to the ocean. This is where you will want to get off on the beach and pull your kayak out. Make sure to drag your kayak quite a ways out of the water, the tide can change quickly and you don’t want to lose your kayak.


The beach is one of the quietest and cleanest we’ve ever been to. You get fantastic views of Three Rocks right in front of you, The Thumb to your left, and Cascade Head to your right. We were the only people on the beach, the only people we saw were in fishing boats out in the ocean. It was amazing to see no footprints or a single piece of garbage. The beach stretches on and connect to Roads End beach miles off to your left. There was great beach combing as well.


On our paddle back to the car we were treated with over a dozen seals swimming all around our kayak- it was amazing!

If you want to extend your paddle continue on past the boat ramp and you will enter the Salmon River Estuary. We spent so much time on the beach that we didn’t have much time for the estuary- next time!

We did this kayak against the tide on the way in and on the way out and it wasn’t very hard. It does get a bit harder when you are really close to the ocean but it’s still very manageable.

*Please keep this lovely beach just as clean, if not more clean, than how you found it.*


Distance: 1.5-1.75 miles (round trip just to the beach) can be extended if you do the estuary

Paddle: Easy

Pet Friendly: Sure if your pet likes to be in a kayak

Good For: Most

Bathrooms: Yes at the parking area

Parking Fee: None

Seasons: All

Popular: No

Warnings: Being so close to the ocean and dealing with tides please be extra cautious.

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