Fernhill Wetlands (Winter 2018)

Directions: Take 26 west to exit 57. Go left and drive for about 1.5 miles, take a right onto Zion Church Road. Drive for a little over 3.5 miles (Zion will become Cornelius Schefflin Rd.) and get onto Verboort Rd at the roundabout. In about a half mile you will come to a second roundabout, get on Martin Road here. Drive for 2 miles where you will come to highway 47, go left. Drive for about a mile and take a left onto Fernhill Road. Follow the signs for the parking area.

Fernhill Wetlands is a great place to view wildlife. The trails are all really easy to follow and go around two ponds/wetland areas off to the right (towards the road) and by another wetland area and a more heavily landscaped area.



We did a couple loops around the marsh area closest to Fernhill Road. Here we saw countless great blue herons, egrets, coots, marsh wrens, red-winged blackbirds, mallards, and nutria. I think this is the most herons we’ve seen in once place- it was crazy! We also saw a cormorant eat and LARGE fish!



Over on the other side we saw geese, tree swallows, bald eagles (plus a giant nest!), yellow-rumped warblers, pintails, and green-winged teals.


All of the trails are wide and very flat. We were running out of daylight or we would of stayed here for easily another hour or two. The overly groomed area closest to the parking lot was a little odd. Almost looked a little fake but other than that this place is great.

Distance: 2.5 miles (easy)

Elevation: None (easy)

Pet Friendly: Dogs are not allowed

Good For: All ages

Bathrooms: Yes

Parking Fee: None

Seasons: All

Popular: Yes on nice weekends

Warnings: None

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