Changing Things Up

Hello everyone!

We’ve had this site for about 3.5 years now and have decided to change things up a bit. We have just started the changes and we’re hoping to have everything done by the new year, we’ll see how that goes with the holiday season though 😉

What’s new?

Getting rid of the Nalgene rating. We’ve decided that it’s a bit confusing and not really necessary.

Posting more information. Now, at the bottom of each post will be more information about the hike! Things like distance, elevation, difficulty, fees, etc.

Four seasons hikes. We’re striving to give everyone as much information as possible about each hike so you can be as prepared as possible. Some hikes are pretty similar year round, but a lot of trails change drastically depending on the season. Each post will have the season we visited it in next to the title. This one obviously will not be done by the new year. We have over a 150 hikes on this blog and are going season by season, plus we are still doing new hikes regularly. We will probably revisit a handful of hikes each season.

A new look. We’ve started changing the actual layout of the home page. This is very much a work in progress!

It has been great getting to know new people that enjoy hiking as much as we do! Questions? Comments?  Just want to chat about hiking or want a good trail recommendation? Drop us an email (or comment), we’d love to hear from you!



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