Banks-Vernonia Trail (Buxton Trestle) (Spring 2016)

Directions: This hike starts at the Manning Trailhead. Take Highway 26 West to the town of Banks where you will take a right onto Pihl Road (it’s off of Hwy 26, if you see the Dairy Queen you’ve gone too far). Immediately cross Sell Road and the trailhead is on the right.

From the parking area go left on the paved path and cross the road. You will quickly cross a bridge over Dairy Creek. For about the first mile or so the trail will be going through farms. We saw cows, pigs, horses, and chickens. There area few houses and barns along the way as well. We even saw a Cricket match going on out in a field which was fun to stop and watch for a bit.

DSC_0127      DSC_0120

Soon you will come to Pongratz Road, after you cross the road the trail becomes much more woodsy. You are still on a paved path but you are surrounded by trees and the trail starts to gradually head uphill. After a little over a mile you will come to the Buxton Trestle, it has been resurfaced for pedestrian use. You can see picnic  tables and a large grassy area below, you will be down there shortly 🙂

DSC_0130      DSC_0140

After crossing the bridge take the side trail that takes you down to the Buxton Trailhead. Keep going past the trailhead and cross a bridge over Mendenhall Creek. Now you will come to the picnic table that you were seeing from up on the Trestle. You also get a great view of the trestle and can take in just how big it is. Continuing on this trail it takes you back up to the main trail. Go left and follow the trail back out the way you came in.

DSC_0144      DSC_0146

This would be a good stop on the way to or from the coast. It’s very popular for bikers so be prepared for bicycles zooming past you the whole time. There are also nettles along the trail in the woodsy areas.

Distance: 5.8 miles (easy)

Elevation: 230 feet (easy)

Pet Friendly: Yes

Good For: All ages

Bathrooms: Yes at the trailhead

Parking Fee: None

Seasons: All

Popular: Yes

Warnings: None

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