Triple Falls (Winter 2016)

Directions: Drive I-84 East to exit 28. Take a left onto the Old Highway and drive for about 5 miles. There will be a parking area on the left side of the road and a Oneonta Trailhead sign on the right. If you reached Oneonta Gorge you’ve gone too far.

This hike starts out uphill as you follow along above the highway and soon makes a switchback as you continue climbing towards Oneonta Gorge. After about a half mile the trail flattens out and there is a side trail that takes you to a viewpoint. Continuing on the main trail you will soon reach a trail junction. Make sure to stay right (heading uphill) on Oneonta Trail #424, it’s marked well on the sign.

DSC_0001      DSC_0013

From here the trail has changed quite a bit since we were here last, in September of 2013. There was a pretty large slide that happened in May 2014 and the trail was closed for a while for maintenance. You will be hiking over a lot of loose rocks as you make your way through the first part of the slide area. You switchback once and go through the upper part of the main slide area, it’s mostly dirt here as you get a good view of exactly where the slide started from. You can even see parts of the old trail below. A short distance later we came across some fresh downed trees from a recent storm, the trail was still very passable. After a few short switchbacks the trail flattens out again as you round the last corner that takes you right to Triple Falls. There is a short side trail that takes you to a small viewpoint area of the falls. This area can be slick in the rain and it’s quite a drop off, so watch kids and pets carefully.

DSC_0011     DSC_0061

You can end the hike here or continue on the main trail a short distance to a bridge that crosses the creek. It’s a nice place to take a break or eat lunch. Head back out the way you came in.

DSC_0023      DSC_0054_2

The waterfall was visually more appealing this time around, water levels are much higher. The trail was worse but it was (for us) still easily passable. It’s still a pretty popular hike, it was raining the whole time and we saw a good amount of people.

Distance: 3.6 miles (easy)

Elevation: 700 feet (moderate)

Pet Friendly: Yes

Good For: May not be best for young kids and older folks.

Bathrooms: No

Parking Fee: No

Seasons: All

Popular: Yes

Warnings: None

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