Yacolt & Moulton Falls (Winter 2016)

Directions: These directions are to the Moulton Falls trailhead, there is also a trailhead on Hantwick Road. Drive I-5 North to Exit 11 (Battleground and 502E), merge right with 502E to Battleground. Drive 6 miles into Battleground and take a left at a traffic light signed for 503N, Amboy, Yacolt. Stay on 503N (Lewisville Highway) for 5.5 miles and take a right onto NE Rock Creek Road which eventually turns into Lucia Falls Road. Drive about 3 miles until you reach a stop sign (junction with 172nd), continue straight and follow the road until you see the Moulton Falls trailhead on the right.

Warning: Please pay attention to the entrance and exits at the trailhead. There are road spikes at the exits, it’s not very clearly marked and you could easily enter through the exit and shred your tires.

From the trailhead walk along the road until you get to the crosswalk. Cross the road and follow the trail as it gradually goes uphill for about 1/3 mile. It takes you to a stone staircase that goes down to a flat rocky area right in front of Yacolt Falls. With all the rain we’ve been getting lately the waterfall was very full which was great.

DSC_0014      DSC_0040

Back at the top of the stairs continue up the trail to the small train station. We went left on the tracks for a bit and soon came to the train tunnel which was interesting to look at. We explored more around the tracks and then eventually turned around and headed back down to the road. Round trip it’s about a mile.

DSC_0065      DSC_0050

From the road cross back over to the river and take the small footbridge that gets you on the Moulton Falls Trail. Stay right and head out to the big rocks that are along the river, they give you great views of East Fork High Bridge. Head back on the main trail and cross the bridge, where you get a nice view of the gorge below.

DSC_0091_2      DSC_0135

DSC_0073      DSC_0103_2

We continued on a bit farther but this part of the trail isn’t very interesting. You get some views of the river, but it’s mostly houses and some ponds until you reach the Hantwick Road trailhead. So, when it started to rain we decided to turn around and head back to the car. We ended up doing about 4 miles and cut out all the boring stuff. You can can definitely go another couple miles if you’re up to it.

DSC_0095      DSC_0139

Before you head out make sure you take the steps, in the right corner of the parking area, down to the river and Moulton Falls. In the winter when the river is high the waterfall is really nothing to look at. It basically just looks like a rough part of the Lewis River, it’s best viewed in the summer. But you still get a good look at the river down there.


Distance: 4 miles (if you go all the way to the Hantwick Trailhead it’ll be about 6-7 miles round trip.) (easy to moderate)

Elevation: 225 feet (easy)

Pet Friendly: Yes

Good For: All ages

Bathrooms: Porta potty at the parking area

Parking Fee: None

Seasons: All

Popular: Very popular during the summer months, not bad during the off season.

Warnings: None

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