Trillium Lake (Autumn 2015)

Directions: Drive Highway 26 past Government Camp, a few miles later you will see signs for Trillium Lake. Take the marked exit and follow the road for about two miles to the parking area.

This hike is a loop and we decided to hike it clockwise. From the parking area we walked down to the boat ramp went left and picked up the trail. Right away there is a short side trail to the right that will take you out to a wooden viewing platform, it’s definitely worth the few extra steps. Continue on the main trail and you will hit the first section of boardwalk as you start to round the left side of the lake. All through this area there are great views of Mt. Hood and you will be hiking right along the lake.

DSC_0116      DSC_0094


Continuing on, you will head into a more heavily wooded area. You can always see the lake through the trees but you are not walking right next to it like before. There are a few side trails that take you through the trees and out to the lake. It’s a little muddy but worth it, we were able to see a few large beaver lodges along the shore. Back on the main trail you will start to hit more and more boardwalk as you enter into a meadow/marshy area.

DSC_0111      DSC_0121

Soon you will reach a junction in the trail. Going right will take you out to an open marsh where it dead ends, it’s a great area for bird watching. Staying left/straight will keep you on the main trail. As you come around to the other side of the lake you will pass the small amphitheater and some camping areas. The next junctions is with a bike trail, stay on the main trail and pass by a lily pond as you make your way back around to the boat ramp where the hike ends.


Distance: 2 miles (easy)

Elevation: 15 feet (easy)

Pet Friendly: Yes

Good For: All ages

Bathrooms: Yes

Parking Fee: Yes a $5 day use fee.

Seasons: All but you will have to start at the sno-park during the winter months.

Popular: Yes

Warnings: None

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