Rooster Rock (Autumn 2015)

Directions: Drive I-84 East to exit 25 and follow the road into Rooster Rock State Park.

We had a busy weekend and we were looking for a quick hike nearby that might allow us to see some of the early fall colors. I’m glad we decided to go back to Rooster Rock, it allowed us to see how different this hike is on a nicer day.

After you pass the pay station take a right and head all the way to the end of the parking area near the bathrooms. The trail starts behind the bathroom, there is a faint path and almost a hole like opening that takes you into the woods. You will soon pass a frisbee golf platform and continue on the trail as it follows along above the shoreline. There are numerous frisbee golf platforms out here but you wont be seeing very many, still be sure to take caution if you notice people playing. A thick frisbee golf disc to the side of the head would be no fun. The trail eventually starts to head downhill and meets up with the sandy path that takes you along the river. Since we were last here there is a lot of new signage, apparently this is now a clothing optional area. We did run into a few people along this part of the trail that were nude but it ended up only being a little over a quarter mile of clothing optional area. Following along the sandy path next to the beach you will come to a crumbling thick sandy bank. Go up the bank and you will reach a grassy hill and see I-84. You are now out of the clothing optional area.

DSC_0012      DSC_0044

Head up the hill and once you reach the top you will get a really nice view of the Gorge. Continue into the wooded area and follow the trail that has you going up and downhill, but nothing hard. You will be following along I-84 most of the time which means you will be dealing with a lot of road noise. The trail comes to a fork, stay right and hike uphill to another frisbee golf platform. Follow this trail back to your car which is just a short distance away.

DSC_0017      DSC_0028

The most noticeable difference would be the better signage warning you about the clothing optional areas. This definitely isn’t the best hike for people who aren’t comfortable with nudity, for themselves or their children. It would probably be a good idea to do this hike during the colder months. That being said, Rooster Rock State Park is a great place for picnics, family gatherings, frisbee golf, and boating. Only a very small section of the park is clothing optional.

Distance: 3 miles (easy)

Elevation: 250 feet (easy)

Pet Friendly: Yes

Good For: With the nude beach we’re going to say this isn’t the best hike for kids.

Bathrooms: Yes but they are seasonal.

Parking Fee: $5 entrance fee.

Seasons: All but keep in mind the nude beach is much more active during the warm months.

Popular: No

Warnings: Just be aware that this is a nude beach. May be best for cold months.

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