Swan Island Dahlia Festival (2015)

This weekend we checked out the Swan Island Dahlia Festival!

For directions click here.

The Dahlia Festival is great, there is a big field you can walk through and take pictures of all the different types of Dahlias. As well as an indoor area with cut flowers on display. There are also food vendors, music, and a gift shop.

DSC_0005      DSC_0007

DSC_0003      DSC_0027

This weekend was quite rainy and we got there early so it wasn’t very crowded. We were able to take our time walking through the field and got to see all the different types of Dahlias. We lucked out and didn’t get rained on 🙂

DSC_0075      DSC_0072

DSC_0021      DSC_0013

We would definitely recommend this festival for all the flower lovers out there. It’s a nice weekend outing too, for anyone looking for a fun outdoor event. There is no entrance or parking fee which is great. Dogs are allowed outside, but not in any of the indoor areas. The grounds are well kept, making it easily accessible, and there are porta-potties.

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