Oak Island (Spring 2015)

Directions: This hike is located on Sauvie Island. Drive over the Sauvie Island Bridge and take a left (stop at the Cracker Barrel Grocery for a day use pass). Continue down the road and stay right onto Reeder Road. Drive for a little over a mile and then take a left onto Oak Island Road. After about 3.5 miles on Oak Island Road the road turns to gravel. Continue on the gravel road until you end at a parking area for Oak Island. Please be aware that the last quarter mile of this drive has a lot of cows that are sometimes in the road.

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From the trailhead pass through a gate and head down a wide ATV road passing a large blue sign marking the Oak Island Nature Trail. There is a short trail off to the left that takes you to an open field but not much else. Continue down the trail until you come to a fork starting the loop. You can go either way, we chose to go straight (left) and do the loop clock-wise. From the fork you will start to notice all the cows. We saw easily 30 cows just roaming around the field and even on the trail. It was pretty funny and definitely different then most hikes! Just please remember to be respectful of their space and not bug them 🙂

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The loop starts along a wide flat grass trail with views of Sturgeon lake on your left and lots of oak trees to your right. After a while you’ll come to a metal gate that you cross through and continue on through trees with tall grasses to your left along the lake. There are some side trails here that take you to the edge of Sturgeon Lake. Soon the trail starts to curve and make the turn back towards the parking area. For about a mile the trail is just tall grass lined with trees on both sides. This part is a little boring but ends pretty quickly. Next, you will enter a more open area with huge oak trees and views of large fields. After passing through the oak trees you will be back at the fork that ends the loop. Head left back down the ATV road to get to the parking area.

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We were able to see lots of animals on this hike which was really fun! We saw two young coyotes, LOTS of cows, and many birds!


Distance: 3 miles (easy)

Elevation: 10 feet (easy)

Pet Friendly: Yes

Good For: All ages

Bathrooms: Portable toilet at the trailhead.

Parking Fee: $7 Sauvie Island day use fee. Purchase this at the Cracker Barrel Grocery after crossing the bridge onto the island.

Seasons: April- September

Popular: Can be on nice weekends

Warnings: None

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